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Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch on-the-go, a pre- or post-workout snack, or a quick pick-me-up during the day, visit Blue Hawaii Açaí Café, a local tropical wellness destination. We combine the freshest ingredients to create our healthy, taste bud tantalizing menu that's Hawaii-inspired and chock full of nutritious goodness. Check out our menu; it's designed to help boost your immune system, keep you energized, and help you stay focused.

Acai Bowl

Hawaiian-Style Poke Bowl

Available from 11 a.m. until PAU. (Not served weekends or holidays.)

Served over a bed of brown rice with choice of sauce: mild, spicy, garlic, combination, or gluten-free topped with furikake, ginger, & kimchee.
Double the poke for an additional charge.

Poke Bowl Close Up Shot Of Poke Bowl Top View Of Poke Bowl
Poke Bowl About To Be Eaten Poke Bowl With a Smoothie Freshly Prepared Poke Bowl


Dawn Patrol
Strawberries & banana

Kona Qualifier
Açaí & berries

Lime Drop
Açaí, berries, & fresh lime

Pink Dragon
Pitaya & banana

Lava Flow
Coconut & pineapple sorbet with strawberry & goji berry puree

Extras for Bowls & Smoothies

Almond butter, protein powder (whey or soy), gluten-free granola, spirulina, peanut butter, chia seeds, wheat grass powder, almond milk, and coconut milk.

Poke Bowl Paired With a Smoothie Smoothie With Lots Of Toppings Smoothie Smoothie With Two Acai Bowls

Açaí Bowls

Blended Organic Acai

The Classic
Topped with bananas, berries, granola, & honey

Organic açaí, pitaya, & banana topped with bananas, berries, granola, & honey

Simply Blue
Topped with granola & bananas

Mauna Kea
Double the toppings: bananas, berries, granola, & honey

True Blue
Topped with granola & blueberries

Blended with spirulina, topped with bananas, berries, granola & honey

Lime Fresh
Blended with fresh lime, topped with bananas, berries, granola, honey, & fresh lime

Açaí Bowl With Sliced Fruit Açaí Bowl Mouthwatering Açaí Bowl
Açaí Bowl With Lots Of Bananas Neatly Arranged Açaí Bowl Açaí and Poke Bowls